4 May 2021
The Weekly

El Puerto de Liverpool (Liverpool) has closed Q1 (31st March) 2021, contracting its turnover by 4.3%. Sales of Liverpool grew 1.3% while those of Suburbia specialty store sales fell 15%. The group ended the first three months of the year with a turnover of P25,586.3mn (€1,061.3mn), compared to P26,725.1mn the previous year. The gross operating result (ebitda), meanwhile, was positive, of P2,279.9mn (€94.6mn). Between January and March, Liverpool was penalized by the restrictions in force to contain the advance of the pandemic. Online sales tripled, while revenue through the marketplace soared 330%. The quarter continued to represent a significant challenge for the logistics area, as the volume of last-mile deliveries grew by 191%. The company also relied on click & collect to continue operating during the first quarter. As a result of the stores closure, click & collect made a 23% share of digital sales. For this year, the group, which reduced its inventory by 16.4% in the first quarter, plans to open two Liverpool warehouses, a project that was already on the table in 2020 and was postponed due to the pandemic. Liverpool closed the period with a total of 122 Liverpool stores, 165 Suburbia stores, 28 shopping centres and 120 specialized stores.