24 May 2023
The Weekly

During Q1 2023, Liverpool’s l-f-l store sales increased 15% and Suburbia’s l-f-l store sales increased 3.1%. Total income of the group for Q1 increased 16.5%. Net revenue for Q1 2023 increased 16.5%, with all business segments once again reporting double-digit growth. EBITDA for the first quarter reached P 5.189bn (US 288mn), representing a 5.3% increase from 2022, while the EBITDA margin stood at 13.8%, a 1.5% decrease year over year. GMV for the digital channel increased 33% for the quarter, compared to the same period of the previous year, ending the quarter with a 24.5% share. The Marketplace registered a 62% increase in sales during the quarter. The number of sellers increased 22%, while SKUs increased 44% vs the same quarter of the previous year and represented more than 42% of our total catalogue. During Q1, delivery orders within 2 days or less increased almost 35% vs the same period of last year and accounted for 39% of the total, relatively unchanged compared to the previous year. Click & Collect reached 36% of digital sales Q1, 4% above the level reported Q1 2022. At the end of the quarter, inventories increased by almost 21%, compared to the same period of 2022 (merchandise shortages last year).