3 March 2021
The Weekly

El Puerto de Liverpool closed Q4, with a 20% drop in revenue. Turnover was P115,473mn (€4,599mn) in 2020, compared to P144,234mn (€5,744mn) registered in 2019. The net result was in the black, up to P750mn (€30mn), 94% less than the previous year. Online channel continued to evolve favourably in the last quarter of the year. Suburbia was the less performing company of the group, with sales decreasing 35%, to P11,962mn (€476mn), impacted by lower performance of clothing and less sales in the metropolitan area of ​​Mexico City. Suburbia eCommerce showed a good performance; however, it is still in its initial development stage. Liverpool Department Stores recorded a sales decrease of 18%, to P88,978mn (€3,544mn). Sales through the online channel multiplied by 2.4. The group currently operates 122 Liverpool department stores, 165 Suburbia stores and 28 shopping centres.