11 August 2021
The Weekly

Liverpool, which also owns Suburbia, will pay up to MEXP12mn to boost its business. From 35% to 40% of the investment will go to its technology and logistics network, with the aim of supporting one of the branches that have grown the most during the pandemic: electronic commerce. In addition, Liverpool will open two stores this year and three in 2022, including a centre in Tijuana. The company is also beginning a strategic plan for its Suburbia fashion and shoe brand, for which it expects fifteen to twenty openings per year from 2022 to 2026. Liverpool increased its turnover by 154.6% in the second quarter of 2021 compared to 2020, and 8.3% compared to the pre-pandemic figures, registering a better result than expected for the period. Sales through the online channel grew 9% since 2020, and the new customer base increased by 80%.

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