7 July 2021
The Weekly
Liverpool Celebrating Children's Day

For the 5th consecutive year Liverpool Mexico prepared DIY gaming and handcrafting activities for the little ones; such as "make your own lip balm" or "create the most challenging track for your diecast toy cars". Important to highlight is that this year, due to the pandemic, this campaign was run almost fully online, with video tutorials, and amplified by influencers. In order not to lose human touch some of the influencers generated a competition in which people could register their kids in a landing page and the first 200 won a DIY decorative paper kite with an additional pack to make s'mores at home (marshmallows, chocolate, and cookies), as well as five golden tickets, exchangeable for US$500 in toys. Finally, Liverpool offered a Facebook Live concert with Morat, a well-recognized and fan favourite Latin-American music group. More than 3 million impacts and over 8,000 views of the concert were achieved.