14 June 2020
The Weekly

COVID-19 aside, 2020 was always going to be a big year for Liberty, which is marking 145 years in business, refurbishing its unique Tudor Revival flagship near Regent Street, re-branding and relaunching its e-commerce site. As England’s fashion and luxury retailers prepare to reopen on June 15, Liberty will be doing so with a refreshed logo and a web site meant to appeal to local and international consumers alike. The new, more streamlined logo was inspired by the Liberty sign that’s been swinging above the store’s Great Marlborough Street flower stall entrance since 1925. The store’s Lasenby crest, named for founder Arthur Lasenby Liberty, has also been updated, and now features the wording “London 1875.” It will be used to accent the master brand. The branding will be used across all packaging as well as on own brand Liberty collections and collaborations. The brand’s signature purple background has also been shaded to a richer hue, set off by a whiter gold in the Liberty lettering. With regard to the new web site, the updated LibertyLondon.com is “faster than ever,” and also features enhanced presentation of content.

Liberty continues its international voyage, with the launch of specially tailored elements for the U.S. market and a richer user experience. Deliveries, duties and payments for all markets have been streamlined. Liberty said its web site has seen strong revenue growth, averaging 45% per year for the last three years, while international growth has been driven by “functional improvements and brand awareness” of Liberty. Sales in that division have doubled in the past year. For the first time since the store was built, the unique casement windows will be repaired by specialist craftsmen, off-site. Liberty said heritage restoration experts will aim to imitate the work of medieval blacksmiths, echoing the founder’s support for hand craftsmanship. Liberty is making all of these changes one year after its private equity owner Bluegem sold its stake in the London specialty store in a deal valued at £300mns. Bluegem described the transaction as a secondary recapitalization led by Glendower Capital, a global secondary private equity manager. Revenue in fiscal 2018-19 was £85.2mn, with profit of £6.5mn, according to Liberty’s latest filing on Companies House.

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