6 September 2023
The Weekly
Le Bon Marché's Autumn with Artist Rossy de PalmaLe Bon Marché's Autumn with Artist Rossy de PalmaLe Bon Marché's Autumn with Artist Rossy de Palma

From 26 August to 15 October, Le Bon Marché is decking out the Left Bank in candy pink, flamenco red and giant polka dots for an immersive, graphic exhibition called ‘Olé Olé’ with artist Rossy de Palma. Celebrated for her overflowing joie de vivre and outspoken eccentricity, Pedro Almodóvar's muse invites visitors to discover a whimsical and colourful world, from the windows of the rue de Sèvres to the second floor of the shop - where she will unveil ‘Villa Rossy’, an imaginary house with a singular universe. 


A cross between fantasy and fiction, inspired by the concrete bubble houses of the 1960s, it is an architect's fantasy in which the living spaces of the artist's dream home are interwoven. In this unique space, you can buy a range of products designed by a careful selection of designers: Kari Gueham, Monica Ceño, Olivier Bernoux, Oscar Mora and Etienne de Swardt. For the occasion, Rossy de Palma has created a colourful collection of accessories bearing her image, in partnership with Le Bon Marché. Matchboxes, Marseilles tarot decks and totebags are available in Rossy's boutique on the second floor of the shop, in the exhibition area.  On three special evenings, 13, 20 and 27 September, De Palma will also be recounting her life and her little and big secrets in exclusive performances. These intimate, light-hearted performances will seat up to 300 spectators.