26 August 2019
The Weekly
Le Bon Marché goes All Punk with a Streak of Pink

Targeting the inner rebel of luxury shoppers in Paris, Le Bon Marché will offer piercings and tattoos for this back-to-school season, stocking the floors with punk-flavoured merch. Staples will include Doc Martens, Underground creepers and studded biker jackets from Notify, while the theme mostly sits in softer, colourful territory with high-end cashmere sweaters by From Future, with “So Punk” splashed across the chest in rainbow colours.

Seizing on another punk reference, the pink streak that, back in the day, might have punctuated a spiky hairdo has migrated to hair accessories, which include a pink, crystal-encrusted headband from Marina Fossati and pink crystal barrettes, and, heading down to the feet, glossy high-top Doc Martens and low-riding crystal studded moccasins from Tod’s. The theme extends to food — think Soffles chips, organic Get Raw bars and edibles from labels like Saucy Bitch, Rebel Kitchen and Peak Punk. Tapping into the musical side, the store will sell Gibson guitars, the store bills this as a first for the instrument-maker — and lifestyle brand Lola James Harper has imagined a music school where people can compose music, and the “Backstage” space will feature high-tech products geared to making music. The “So Punk” theme will dominate the store from Aug. 31 to Oct. 20.