15 March 2022
The Weekly

La Samaritaine welcomes Erwin Blumenfeld's expo "La mode est un jeu", an exhibition with an innovative scenography running until May 12, 2022. In the store, the staging projects the visitor into a multi-dimensional space, far from the usual classic scenographies offered in museums and galleries: reproduced on large transparent canvases, the photographs are installed between the central stage and level -1 in a glass roof space. The visitor can admire these images taken yesterday in the photographer's New York studio, between transparencies and games of hide and seek. In this floating universe, the effects of depth and the optical illusions make this installation a changing object that can be contemplated from different points of view, from the basement or the ground floor. In addition to this exhibition, the store’s windows on the rue de Rivoli showcase workers (stylist, feather-maker, hatter, etc.), while inside the store dedicated spaces invite discovery and experimentation: interactive tables, fabric workshop, photo studio, etc.