11 March 2020
The Weekly

A new corporate design is being launched to visually support Jelmoli’s premium positioning. The well-known Jelmoli green will remain as the main colour, but will be upgraded, supplemented by various shades of green. The new colour palette thus underlines the premium character of the department store. The new packaging is also based on the virile green palette and offers a variety of mix & match options.

An important step towards strengthening the brand is the removal of the claim ‘The House of Brands’. This makes Jelmoli more independent and opens up the opportunity to reinvent itself again and again. Moreover, the focus won’t be on individual brands, but on Jelmoli as a brand and the unique shopping experience itself. The essence of the new brand profile, which is to be followed on all channels, is: ‘Jelmoli, the pure pleasure of discovering something new’.