20 May 2020
The Weekly

Jelmoli reported that sales expectations were exceeded by far during the first week of trading after the lockdown, as the company worked in double digits over the budget and the previous year. Currently, including staff, a maximum of 1,800 people is allowed in the house, while otherwise there are 3,000 visitors on a good Saturday. Limiting the number of visitors is part of Jelmoli's comprehensive protection program so that two meters can be granted anywhere in the store.

A digital counting system at all four entrances helps with entrance controls. Disinfectants for the hands of customers and employees are also available throughout the house. Exposed areas such as escalators, handrails, door handles, elevators and toilets are very often cleaned and disinfected. Outside of opening hours, sensitive points are also sterilized with a safe system for people and products, and the checkouts were supplemented with plexiglass panes, according to the department store.


Jelmoli was also able to reopen all of its restaurants and cafes in compliance with the safety requirements and protects employees with masks and gloves. The distances between tables have been expanded and only groups of four people are allowed to sit, (except parents with children). Despite the generally difficult economic situation, Jelmoli does not foresee any job cuts. With short-time work, the company managed to keep employees, and there is also an increased need for employees with the expansion projects at Zurich Airport. The new location in the Airside Center in the passenger area of ​​Zurich Airport opened in early March and represents the first expansion of the traditional department store into its retail business after 20 years.