31 August 2023
The Weekly
Jelmoli's Collaboration with ISSU ISSUJelmoli's Collaboration with ISSU ISSUJelmoli's Collaboration with ISSU ISSU

Design duo ISSU ISSU, in collaboration with Jelmoli, designed unique stools called ‘Baci’ for the department store’s 190th anniversary.

They processed the raw material into one-of-a-kind stools in the shape of a heart and refined them with their unmistakable signature by using bald and bright colours. Limited to 30 pieces, the ‘Baci Collection’ was created with a clear goal: to create a place of encounter. Every single stool is unique and tells its own story. To enliven the place of encounter, our customers will have the opportunity to interact with the two designers Cheryl and Mariella on September 2.

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