13 October 2021
The Weekly

In October, Jelmoli is bringing a ‘Friendly Take-Over’ by the Zurich artist label wiedemann/mettler. Since October 8th to 30th, Jelmoli has thus become an art gallery, with small interventions that are intended to cause as much irritation as possible. How close are art and consumption? What is retail and what is art? These questions are at the centre of the collaboration between Jelmoli x wiedemann/mettler. The Zurich label uses the shop windows as a museum-like space with curated terms in neon lettering. Very minimalist, very easily recognizable. In terms of content, the implementation is funny and at the same time makes you think. The neon lettering in the shop windows can also be purchased - as in an art gallery. In the pop-up store on the ground floor, art becomes a commodity in the form of limited editions designed exclusively for and with Jelmoli: everyday objects designed in the context of the artistic intervention, including notebooks, sweatshirts, pouches, bottle openers, pocket knives or drinking bottles.