6 April 2023
The Weekly
Jelmoli's An Eventful SpringJelmoli's An Eventful SpringJelmoli's An Eventful Spring

On 23rd March, male customers and their plus one were invited to an exclusive after-work men's event. This was the perfect opportunity to give the men's wardrobe a springtime refresh with numerous brand offers and to show off suits again. On March 30th, the motto of the evening was ‘Dolce Vita’. At the first shopping night of this year, the fashion magazine Annabelle teamed up with Jelmoli. The glamorous evening offered guests great offerings from brands such as YSL Beauty, Dyson and Natkina. The evening was also accompanied by a talk with fashion experts from Annabelle and Jelmoli, hosted by Melanie Winiger. The last highlight this month was the Sportseason Opening with PUMA Ambassador Pamela Reif on March 31st. In addition to a meet & greet in the PUMA store, the new ‘Flawless Sculpt’ collection and a very limited PUMA Cali Wedge ‘pam’ were available for the first time.