2 February 2021
The Weekly

J. Front Retailing’s Ginza Six Tokyo has announced that the facility will change many of its tenant shops for the first time since it opened in April 2017. The shopping complex is expected to introduce new stores selling luxury household goods and food as many shopping facilities face difficulties amid the coronavirus pandemic. The facility used to have about 240 tenant stores, including high-end brands from overseas. However, more than 20 shops and restaurants, or about 10%, have closed since December last year, including beauty and apparel stores. Over the next few months until April, the tenant stores will be replaced by about 40 new shops, such as a Gucci watch and jewellery store, other overseas brands opening their first shops in Japan and luxury food shops. About 30% to 40% of sales at department stores and retail facilities in Ginza used to come from foreign tourists. While Ginza Six cannot anticipate profits from sales to foreign tourists anytime soon, the facility plans to renew its tenant stores to appeal to the wealthy population in Japan.