13 December 2023
The Weekly
INNO's Christmas atmosphereINNO's Christmas atmosphereINNO's Christmas atmosphereINNO's Christmas atmosphere

Under the slogan ‘Discover the Magic of Christmas’, the holidays come enchantingly to life in the 16 sumptuously decorated department stores. INNO pulls out all the stops to immerse shoppers in an exclusive Christmas atmosphere of luxury and grandeur during their gift hunt. Entirely dressed in a trendy colour combination of energetic magenta and radiant bright red, the chain excites all the senses with its December campaign. With its dazzling end-of-year decorations and a plethora of gift ideas in all departments, the stores exude luxury and grandeur more than ever. From perfumery to lingerie, and womenswear to leather goods, whether you want to pick out a sophisticated gift or have an outstanding shopping experience, INNO welcomes everyone with open arms.