7 January 2023
The Weekly

Bookings for international flights from China have risen by 145% year-on-year in recent days, the China Daily newspaper reported. Throughout the last three years, Harrods has remained very close to its Chinese customers via participating in events such as Shanghai Fashion Week and through the Harrods Tea Rooms in Shanghai. Harrods delivered goods to China during the COVID-19 pandemic and served Chinese customers who live in London but is looking forward to welcoming Chinese customers from abroad once more. With the Chinese New Year approaching on January 22, there will be ‘greater numbers for Chinese New Year this year compared to the last three years’ at the store. As part of its preparations, it is also launching a collection of branded stickers for WeChat – the Chinese messaging, social and payment app with more than 1bn users – to mark the Chinese New Year, of Harrods icons such as the teddy bear and the green man. These are expected to play a part in driving excitement to get back to the store.