13 June 2024
The Weekly
Globus ‘Public Art Project’

From June 8 to October 6, Globus and Fondation Beyeler are thrilled to unveil 'Calls for Action' by Julian Charrière, as part of the second iteration of the 'Globus Public Art Project,' turning the façade of the Globus Basel department store into an artful call to action. This summer, Swiss –French artist Julian Charrière will transform Basel's historic department store, currently undergoing renovation, with a boundary pushing artwork aiming to connect visitors across vast distances, bridging Switzerland's mountains with Ecuador's Western Andean Cloud Forest.


The 'Globus Public Art Project,' a collaboration with Fondation Beyeler, encouraging artists to create site-specific works engaging both the building and the public. Through a large-scale screen on the store's facade, the project offers a real-time glimpse into the region's biodiversity. A telephone booth in the marketplace allows visitors to listen to and speak into the distant ecosystem, fostering a closer urban-rainforest relationship. This immersive experience invites direct engagement, deepening understanding of global environmental issues.