3 November 2020
The Weekly

Globus Holiday 2020 campaign ‘Make a Wish’ features both individuality and a new need for more personal connections. Beautifully edited gift ideas are presented hand in hand with this season’s newest fashion and accessories. New home décor and kitchenware highlights are ready to be wrapped. And with hundreds of new, beautiful baubles and decorations afoot, Globus takes its position as Switzerland’s Go-To for holiday décor to a whole new level.

In every department store, shoppers can fill out their own personal ‘Make a Wish’ postcard and address it to a friend or loved one they miss.

Upon delivery by post, the card doubles as a voucher for two free cups of coffee and delicious Globus ‘Tartufi’, or two free flutes of Prosecco at Globus. This deeply-felt desire for community and feeling close to family and friends, even when socially distanced, is the core of the entire Globus Holiday campaign 2020 – including the lavish in-house magazine.