16 September 2020
The Weekly

Globus' Fall/Winter 2020 campaign, ‘It’s All New’, takes a uniquely tailored approach to a new season that focuses on changing priorities and a new, deeply felt lust for life. Starting in late August, all of Globus’ department stores Switzerland-wide are featuring a new, streamlined look which showcases luxurious, high-end collections of both well-loved brands and newly acquired premium labels, covering all segments. This desire for artisanal handicraft, luxurious textures and tastes was beautifully brought to life by internationally acclaimed carpenter-turned-photographer Lukas Wassmann, whose deep-seated appreciation for handicraft can be felt in each and every one of his images. In creating three different covers, the new campaign magazine – women’s fashion, men’s fashion and interiors – Globus is taking a targeted approach to tailor the shopping experience for a more personal, more customized feel that inspires a new appreciation for the finer things in life. It focuses on feminine, detail-rich dresses and cashmere pieces and combines eye-catching, luxurious headbands with laid-back, casual clothing, literally crowning good taste: Blair Waldorf would most definitely approve.

For men, it’s all about smart business styles, casual outfits and a variety of stylish ideas for rainy days, never forgetting matching shoes and accessories. Living and interiors feature a spotlight on UK designer Emma Bridgewater’s quirky ceramics, combined with luxurious, high-quality artisanal products for the kitchen. The beauty section finds international top model Manuela Frey and her six must-have beauty products that can keep up with her fast-paced life. A deep dive into clean and green beauty and a unique feature on unexpected scent duos appeal to all senses and add a sensual element to a new, fresh season. And Globus’ much-loved Delicatessa takes the freshest delicacies of summertime straight into autumn with fresh, healthy dishes with surprising taste pairings, complex ingredients and delicate aromas –making the transition to the cooler months not only easier, but shockingly delicious, too. The magazine was sent to over 100,000 customers.