15 November 2023
The Weekly
Globus Christmas Campaign 2023Globus Christmas Campaign 2023Globus Christmas Campaign 2023

This Christmas, Globus invites its customers on a magical train ride through a fantastic Swiss winter wonderland. For the new Christmas campaign ‘A Fantastic Christmas – The Journey’, Globus has brought a beautiful fairy tale to life, told in a series of Christmas stories that unfold during multiple stops aboard a train. Created by German artist Constantin Prozorov, whose unique collages have opened new worlds for brands like Louis Vuitton and Moncler, a fantastic voyage invites everyone to dream big this holiday season.


Connecting all of Globus’ departments, a series of tableaus immerse a group of models as main characters of the story in a magical holiday landscape that is recognizably Swiss. Seamlessly blending editorial content with a joyous, artful collage concept, the tale is told in eight chapters that create the narrative of the upcoming Christmas magazine, as well as all upcoming window displays and a dedicated newsletter campaign. From ‘The Miraculous Mountain’ with alpine travel highlights to ‘The Bottomless Cup’, featuring a magical tea party on rails and an enchanted chalet filled with fashion for the discerning gentleman, the entire Christmas campaign is kickstarted with revealing glimpses through a keyhole.