10 February 2021
The Weekly

Globus decided to pare 2021’s Valentine’s Day activities down to what really matters – but still celebrate it in a truly big way: ‘LOVE’, as a 70's-inspired, larger-than-life logo in red-and-white striped letters. 'Love' is the only message that counts.

As Switzerland is currently in a second nationwide lockdown, nearly all promotional activities are being focused on a widespread ad campaign. This features not only gifts for lovers, but for ALL loved ones, and all communications are centred around celebrating love in all its various forms. For this, Globus is presenting its customers a carefully curated selection of luxurious gifts for men and women, delicacies and sweet treats, as well as a range of online features in line with the simple core message. To mark Valentine’s Day, the façade of the five-storey Globus flagship in Zurich is brightly illuminated in red and white, spreading warm feelings during these challenging times.