6 May 2022
The Weekly
Galeria's Modernised Store

Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof started the roll-out of the Galeria 2.0 strategy with the completely refurbished store in Euskirchen, on 26 April 2022. CEO Miguel Müllenbach said that ‘other stores will follow in the summer and autumn. These include both store types with complete refurbishments, such as Fulda, as well as those that will be significantly modernised without the need for a complete refurbishment, as in the case of our Munich-Marienplatz store. In addition, there is a new showcase for the important business of stores in centres. Alongside this, we continue to work at high energy on the completion of our new online shop, which will offer a level of modernisation and customer centricity previously unheard of for Galeria, and will also set industry standards.’ The three showcases in Frankfurt, Kassel and Kleve have proved their worth in the market over the past six months despite the ongoing difficulties caused by the pandemic, supply chain difficulties and the war in Ukraine. The Euskirchen location is a ‘local forum’ due to the size and location of the town. The assortment of this local supplier is much more specifically adapted to the wishes of the local customers than before. Offers from the region, such as cooperation with local winegrowers, have a special status here. The approximately 6,200m² of sales area conveys a completely new shopping experience thanks to the new lighting concept, the new floor and the new furniture. The opening of the façade in particular allows a lot of daylight and thus provides a completely new quality of stay for customers and staff.