4 August 2021
The Weekly

At the end of October, GKK will strategically start its realignment with the Galeria 2.0 concept. It plans to spend around €600mn on the renovation over the next three to four years, €400mn alone for the modernization of the 131 department stores. At least 50 to 60 stores are to be completely rebuilt, the rest at least partially. Around €200mn are to be allocated to the expansion of the e-commerce offering, IT and logistics. Galeria wants to become the networked heart of the city centre - with concepts that are precisely tailored to the local location. To this end, the concept wants to divide its stores into three different categories in the future: cosmopolitan city store, regional magnet and local forum. The department stores in Frankfurt, Kassel and Kleve are to serve as pilot branches. "With regional magnets such as Kassel, the aim is to enrich the offer with services, goods and experiences that are exactly in demand there," explained Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof CEO Miguel Müllenbach.

The store own sales area here should be reduced and thus create space for regional products, but also for services such as city services, e-bike stations and parcel counters. The in-store offer is to be supplemented with an app in which not only parking spaces in the own car park and tables in the department store restaurant can be reserved, but also offers from partners - such as hairdressing appointments or the collection of the new identity card in the citizens' office. The name of the company should also change as Miguel Müllenbach said: `It is time that you can see from the brand Galeria that we are now a ‘one’ company." Karstadt.de and Kaufhof.de websites have already been combined under the Galeria.de brand.