10 August 2021
The Weekly

In 2020, 4.7 million customers found more than 500 thousand products on Falabella.com, a site that registered a record 985 million visits at the regional level. Meanwhile, 23% of online sales were delivered by withdrawal in stores through Click and Collect in Chile, Peru and Colombia. The Falabella app attracted 3.1 million new users who downloaded and used it in Chile, Peru and Colombia. At Falabella, environmental sustainability actions are gathered in the + Verde proposal, and it includes three axes: conscious brands, sustainable operations and constructions, and circular economy. In Chile, the ‘Emprende con Falabella’ program helped entrepreneurs market their products without sales commissions for 3 months; an alliance with Fundación Artesanías de Chile, a campaign that benefited more than 2,300 artisans; Arte Falabella, a space that allowed thousands of people to democratize local art; while the Making School Program shared its educational contents digitally on doingescuela.com, increasing the scope of the academic program by 8 times.