4 December 2019
The Weekly

Marking its first step to international expansion, De Fursac, is opening a pop-up store in Selfridges in London. The brand's owner, SMCP, intends to apply the blueprint for growth it has developed for its contemporary Parisian labels Sandro, Maje and Claudie Pierlot, rapidly building a store network in Europe and Asia. Tailoring serves as the backbone of De Fursac, even as it strikes out in other territory, offering other wardrobe staples like a bomber jacket or a pair of jeans. De Fursac also offers shoes, but keeps the range limited to classic styles. Consumers are no longer wearing suits every day of the week, but the brand seeks to introduce an extra touch to more casual pieces, like using good quality fabrics and focusing on a stylistic detail.

SMCP seeks to increase the proportion of sales generated by De Fursac abroad, with a goal of reaching 30% in the medium term, with a focus on Europe and greater China. It also plans to open between five to 10 new stores a year over the next few years and to increase annual sales from around €40mn to over the €100mn mark in the near term through expansion abroad with an extra boost from the group’s e-commerce expertise and by adding new categories.