12 August 2019
The Weekly

Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof will close two logistics locations. Smaller regional distribution centres will also be affected by the closures. Karstadt announced last year that it would be reorganising its logistics operations together with the service provider Fiege. The Group also sees logistics as one of its key growth areas for third-party customers in the future. Following the merger of Karstadt and Kaufhof, it had nevertheless become necessary to reorganise the company's structures. The signed reconciliation of interests and social plan will make it possible to leverage the synergies necessary for the company and thus achieve significant savings in personnel and material costs. In addition to the major logistics locations in Unna, Essen-Vogelheim and Cologne-Porz, several of the 180 department stores will also be used as city hubs to supply customers over the last mile. The service will also be offered to other companies.