23 March 2021
The Weekly

For the very first time, Central Department Store and the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) in Thailand present 'Dolce Italia' offering special promotions on Italian brands at Central Chidlom. The opening event took place on Saturday, March 13 and was honoured by the presence of HE Lorenzo Galanti, the Ambassador of Italy to Thailand; Giuseppe Lamacchia, Director of ITA; and Nicolò Galante, the President of Central Retail Corporation.

The first floor of Central Chidlom has now been transformed into a colourful space highlighting art, food and Italian fashion brands like Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Prada, Tod's and more. Top Thai illustrators such as Pomme Chan, Bloody Hell Big Head and Sundae Kids also participated in the event, providing their unique artwork and designs to an exhibition. The exhibition will run through March 31 with donations and proceeds going to Tiang Chirathivat Foundation to fight against COVID-19.