11 May 2020
The Weekly
Campaign for Mother’s DayCampaign for Mother’s DayCampaign for Mother’s Day

Shoppers Stop launched the #LockdownQueen campaign to celebrate Mother’s Day by expressing gratitude for teaching customers the virtues of patience, resilience, and courage.  Through this campaign the brand revisited all the virtues our mother taught us. To be patient to survive the never-ending lockdown, to be resilient to recover from difficult circumstances, to be positive, but most importantly, to be courageous to fight for a better tomorrow. If the lockdown has taught us anything, it is that we could not have survived it without the values our mothers have instilled in us.

They truly are our #LockdownQueen. The brand made the campaign interactive and engaging for customers to participate and share what their mother has taught them and how it is helping them battle this lockdown. All such stories with the hashtag #LockdownQueen were featured on the Shoppers Stop’s social media handles. This campaign was well appreciated by customers and covered widely by media.  The total PR value generated from this campaign was US$ 49’815.