8 December 2021
The Weekly

As part of its sustainability strategy, Breuninger has adopted its own animal welfare policy to promote sustainable materials across the entire range of goods in the future. The goal is to ensure specific minimum standards for animal materials, as well as to exclude critical materials and replace them with alternatives. For example, Breuninger will only offer certified downs starting in 2025 and guarantees controlled European origin of all horn materials. Further, starting in 2030 the company will exclusively buy items with 100% certified mulesing-free wool. Breuninger’s animal welfare policy addresses a considerably broader range of animal materials than is currently typical in the industry. Materials such as silk, coral, fur and leather, pearls, mother-of-pearl and mussels are all taken into account. In order to promote animal welfare, Breuninger collaborates closely with the animal welfare organisation VIER PFOTEN Deutschland, which is also behind the ‘Fur Free Retailer Program’ in Germany. The animal welfare policy will be constantly updated and adapted to new developments in the industry.