28 March 2022
The Weekly
Artist DZIA brings colour to INNOArtist DZIA brings colour to INNO

From February 18 to May 4, INNO will be showing its most beautiful colours in Koolstraat/Rue au Chou in Brussles. Because for its spring campaign and store design, INNO is teaming up with street artist DZIA.




It’s not exactly a new tradition, after all, the brand was already issuing posters by Belgian artists decades ago. But now it’s time for street art: a trendy eye-catcher in collaboration with advertising agency DDB. The INNO project is not a first-time gig for DZIA. Elly Zwinnen, Merchandise & Marketing Director at INNO said: “Our choice for a Belgian artist is a tradition that we’re picking up again. Years ago, INNO worked together with Hergé, Willy Vandersteen, Philippe Geluck and François Schuiten.


With DZIA’s urban art, we want to appeal to a younger audience. Our baseline has recently become ‘for you’. And by that we truly mean ‘everyone’. Not only our familiar customers, but really every generation should feel at home at INNO.” The Antwerp resident has already worked with brands such as Eastpak and Converse and is a highly sought-after artist at home and abroad. With more than 32,000 followers on Instagram, he has earned his stripes. Exuberantly hued flowers, ferns, fluttering insects… With DZIA’s colourful campaign, spring is most definitely in the air - not only the campaign, but also the mural and the department stores’ windows immediately catch the eye.