5 July 2023
The Weekly
Allbirds Carbon Concept Store at Selfridges

Allbirds has opened a ‘carbon concept store’ at Selfridges in London with its new M0.0NSHOT (claimed to be the world’s first net zero carbon shoe) as a global exclusive on show there.

The B Corp footwear brand, has launched in the Wonder Room at Selfridges, and its accompanying Oxford Street window, until 6 August with a 98m2 pop-up that centres around the theme of carbon reduction.

The company said research among its own customers found only around a third are confident explaining what carbon means.  Hence, the centre of the pop-up is dominated by a large black sphere representing what 1 kg of CO2 looks like. Alongside it, mini spheres appear next to a row of shoes, representing their respective carbon emissions. The company believes that such “playful visual cues” along with highlighting the brand’s own climate milestones help to communicate “the impact that carbon has in the fashion industry and how progress is achievable”. M0.0NSHOT prototype - showcased in the pop-up - is claimed to be its “biggest innovation breakthrough to date, boasting a landmark carbon footprint of net 0.0 kg CO2e”. As for the store space itself, it uses locally sourced, low-carbon and circular materials, such as FSC-certified plywood, recycled wool, recycled bouclé as well as Allbirds’s Plant Leather. And those 3D-printed balls that emulate carbon are also made from plant-based materials.  Product available include the brand’s Project Earth-certified bestsellers such as the Runner and Dasher, while its latest silhouette, the Courier, launches exclusively at Selfridges.