27 February 2022
The Weekly
All-Star Hockey at GUM Ice RinkAll-Star Hockey at GUM Ice Rink

Beginning of February, the famous GUM Ice Rink, located in the heart of Moscow, hosted the Avangard All-Star hockey game. Four teams, comprising Avandard HC players, veteran players, famous sportspeople, Avandard HC Academy students, and fans played in 4x4 matches. Hockey fans were pleased to see Yuri Kuznetsov, Stanislav Shalnov, and Nikita Nikitin on the ice, as well as skier Alexander Legkov, and football player Dmitry Sychev.

Bosco partnered with the All-Star Game and provided participants with items from the new Bosco Team winter collection. GUM Ice Rink will remain open till February 28. During this season, GUM Ice Rink is also hosting masterclasses by renowned sportspeople, including ice-skater Evgenia Medvedeva, hockey player Alexey Yashin, and ice-skater Yuri Ovchinnikov.