The Must–Have in Retailing

         3rd – 6th July 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia

We are delighted to announce the 31st IGDS Executive Seminar on ‘Strategic Planning & Management in Retailing’, a four- day course for department store & retail Executives.

This in-person seminar aims to train senior managers in any function within strategic planning and management, especially in the department store and retail industries. This professional development programme will be taught by world renowned retail Professors Ron Hess and John S. Strong from the Mason School of Business (USA), from 3rd – 6th July 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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  • Learn key retail strategic models

  • Understand tools to analyse customer experience

  • Hear about financial and productivity models

  • Gain tools for identifying opportunities and strategies for better profitability



Our exclusive and especially-tailored programme 'Strategic Planning & Management in Retailing' consists of class lectures, interactive discussion, group assignments and case study analysis focusing on key issues such as:

  • 'Eight Ways to Win in Retailing’

  • Customer Experience Digital and Physical Transformation

  • Financial & Productivity Model

  • Merchandise Management


We can assure you that our high-level seminar will provide a clear strategic understanding of retailing, and practical tools for best retailing management. There are important takeaways and immediately applicable learning. A guided store visit of Matahari in Jakarta will enrich the stay. Meet and foster relationships with department store and retail peers from around the world.

Who Should Attend?

This retail executive seminar is destined for top and senior executive and management teams (General Management, Operations, Marketing, Finance, IT/Logistics; HR etc.) and managers preparing for a next career step.


As the intake of this seminar is limited in order to assure high quality of teaching and interactions therefore, we encourage you to take a quick decision. All registration will be handled on a ‘first come first serve' basis and registrations will close on Monday, 1st May 2023. 

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Samantha (

We are convinced that the seminar will add great value to the participants and we hope our offer is of interest to you.

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