Zurich 2016

Winner: Selfridges (UK)
Finalists: Paris Department Stores (Chile) and Al Tayer Retail (UAE)

Selfridges won the Summit’s first sustainability award for its ‘Buying Better, Inspiring Change’ campaign. Managing Director Anne Pitcher received the Award from Manish Mandhana, CEO of Mandhana Industries. “Sustainability is no longer a bolt-on or a nice-to-have, it is integral to the success of any business. Over the last five years, we have deepened our understanding and commitment to sustainability, which has become increasingly aligned with our business strategy and is now a core part of both what we do, and how we do it”, said Anne Pitcher. Finalists of the category were represented by their CEOs: Ricardo Bennett, for Paris Department (Chile), and Khalid Al Tayer, CEO Retail of Al Tayer Retail (UAE), for their campaigns ‘Ropa por Ropa’ ('Clothing for Clothing') and ‘I am Different Just like You’.

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