As the challenges and complexities of our business have intensified, our members and stakeholders need even more information to make the right decisions. In this context, our global network of great leaders and executives is of substantial value and immense help.

Today, 43 department store companies from 36 countries across all continents form the Intercontinental Group of Department Stores. This diversity creates an incredible pool of knowledge for our members.

By accepting preferably only one department store per country, we have created an incomparable atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. This environment allows our members to share lessons learned in their respective markets and fields  of action. Mutual learning processes such as these are at the core of our service and help our members keep up with developments and trends in today’s fast-moving and digitally-connected world. Focused events and seminars, tailored to the needs of our members, as well as our Global High Potential programme, KPI Dashboards and IGDS weekly newsletter greatly support our members’ pursuit of innovation and need to be well-informed.

At IGDS, working and collaborating with important partners representing brands, suppliers, vendors and service companies have proved vital. Therefore, we have made them an integrated part of our activities and have also started to build a mutually beneficial eco-system of contacts, meetings, presentations and invitations. These close initiatives are highly appreciated by our members.

Together, we are looking forward to tackling the many challenges we are going to face. For sure, the next years will be as exciting and enriching as the past decades, driven by creativity and innovations at department stores.

Paolo de Cesare
Chairman & CEO, Printemps and IGDS President

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